Swift 县 财务主管

The 财务主管 is one of three 县 officials that are elected at large by the voters of Swift 县 every 4 years. 

Specific duties of the 财务主管 include:

  • Mails out over 8,800 tax statements to taxpayers every year
  • Maintains and updates taxpayer addresses and escrow files
  • Collects and distributes over $18,000,000 in taxes from real estate mobile homes and personal property
  • Invests money according to 县 cash flow needs
  • Handles all deposits of funds, disbursements of payments and reconciliation of bank accounts ‑ banking functions
  • Processes legal documents relating to property transfers through the collection of Deed and Mortgage Registry taxes
  • Mails out over 8,800 "Truth In Taxation" notices annually
  • Holds surety bonds of auctioneers, transient merchants, and peddlers upon the issuance of a license by the 审计师

In Swift 县, the 财务主管 also has responsibility for the manage­ment of most Vital Statistics. Registration of vital statistics is done by the 财务主管. This includes birth, death, and marriage records of the present as well as the past. The earliest records available for public review are dated 1870. Genealogy and land tax records assistance is available dur­ing normal working hours. Marriage license applications are also processed in the 财务主管's office.